I’m new here, so introduction~


Hi I’m MsHollowfox.
I’m a cosplayer from the north east of England , Im part of a lot of fandoms such as:
Doctor who, Sherlock, hetalia, homestuck, ect…

I sometimes write short head canons for characters and I’m glad to RP any pairing with people as long as I know the characters~

I like to cosplay a lot, so there will be posts about who I want to be , plans for what next and some I will definitely do again~

I mostly cosplay guys even though I’m a girl, because I feel more comfortable with it~

Other sites where you can get to know me :
– Tumblr / as MsHollowfox
-YouTube / MsHollowfox and HappyEMOsociety
If you want to see my art my deviant art is/ Chibi-MsHollowfox.
And the name for my cosplay island is MsHollowfox~ enjoy my derps~

((picture taken by mentalageof6[tumblr]
Cosplayer me .
Character- John Egbert from homestuck ))


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