Cosplay help. Cosplay breakdown. 11th doctor


((A breakdown of everything you may need to cosplay him. I’m going to be doing more of these. If anyone has any suggestions on who to breakdown or if you need any help . Just ask~))

You need.
-tweed jacket , preferably brown.
– pinkish purple white shirt
-red or black suspenders or braces , depending on where your from they have different names.
– brown point toed shoes, [sorry I can’t give a good description I hate shoes. ((I went with brown boots))]
-slacks close to the colour of the jacket.
– and obviously a Bowtie and the sonic screwdriver

Optional items.
+ a fez
+ mini tardis
+ Amy’s bottle top lens glasses.

I hope this can help people who may need it. Though it is pretty simple. I’ll be doing more of these soon.


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