Cosplay sharp/ pointed teeth tutorial





Okay so teeth tutorial. It will be a bit brief and those pics may be in the wrong order but here goes.

The first picture should have everything you need on it ,
You will need :

foam ((preferably white))
Fake nails ((get the ones that have a lot in ,I got the 100box I case I made a mistake or wanted to make more. Better to have to much that too little.))
A nail file and clippers/scissors. (( I actually didn’t use my scissors much but it depends on what you find easiest.))
Nail glue (( it should come with the nails, and don’t worry it’s safe to put in your mouth after it dries .))

Now what to do~ (this is where all the other pictures come in.)

First cut out a strip of foam that will comfortably fit in your mouth along your gum

You need you make sure when you file the nails they are close to the width of your normal teeth , and they need to be a bit longer than normal so they fully cover the front of your teeth. The extra length will stick to the strip of foam.

The teeth you cut will be different from the ones I’ve done, mine are for a sollux captor /mituna captor cosplay from homestuck so I’ve done double fangs.
Other characters will be different, for example grell would have more shark like teeth .
Also you may want to make a bottom set ,which is optional.

NOTES: when wearing the top pair you will have a slight lisp ,
Wearing two sets will really impair your speech but I guess if you got used to it you would be able to talk properly,

you should definitely not eat or drink with them in.

:3 I hope my crappy instructions helped in some way.

((Also the teeth I’m wearing in the pic are my shark ones , lost my glue half way through this tutorial and yeah…. Myeh , I think you get it ~))


EDIT| I used them some more…



These were the only pics you could clearly see them…


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