Mituna cosplay help.

Okay so I said I would do this, it probably won’t be in very great detail but its something.

So Mituna cosplay, pretty basic and depends on how your going abut doing it. For me I’m using som PVC pants and a turtleneck jacket ,plus some other stuff .


His teeth- actual tutorial here this is the way I did it and yes the picture apart from the one of me wearing some are my wip of mitunas teeth set.

Boots and gloves- !!!TO BE UPDATED!!! BUT I suppose for the boots get a black pair of plain boots tape a line around the top and cover the soles and bottom edges and spray or paint over in yellow ((this is what I am going to do~))

Skateboard –


Helmet- ((unfortunately my friend has it so ill just put a picture of the type you will need and then I will show you when I get it off him later how to make it look like mitunas ~ that sound good?))

20130303-173309.jpg if there is no yellow it can always be sprayed or painted , think mine is black? *shrug*

Preferred clothing- PVC cat suit or like I’m using a jacket and bottoms . And yeah there are two ways of putting on the details. Like I did with my John top you can paint it on and use tape to keep the black lines on it , ((that’s how I did the skateboard too)) OR! You can do what I’m doing which is appliqué((sew on)) the yellow patches to the top half.
And that all depends on your fabric mine is cotton type stuff same as the jacket but if to ur going to sew on to the catsuit? Use a fabric like lycra or some yellow PVC ,I do not know how that would work out though. So please don’t listen to me.

This is how far I’ve gotten with my


20130303-174012.jpg as I may have said I have no pins so its all held on with heat n bond type stuff or sticky spay like starch stuff ((forgotten the name for it. Sorry))

This has actually been really unhelpful … But I think you can somehow get where I’m coming from… In a way… The full details of what I’ve actually been doing are here. ==> On my CosplayIsland account with a load of other cosplays and stuff… Yup.

When I finally get the helmet ((which will be very soon , literally!))I will take photos every step of the way like with the teeth tutorial((link above))
A tutorial to the way I’m going to be doing the horns may or may not be put up depending on the way ill be doing them ((I’m either going to be using model magic clay, or a paper folders which I downloaded from kimixmeows Deviantart

So yeah, somehow I hope any of this helped and ,ciao for now~


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