Frog plush tutorial ( part 1)

((Note: I can’t tell you what material to use, I’m using a mix of felt and fleece because yes. You could use suede if you wanted, it’s all about how you want it….k on with this thing))

You’ll need your fabric, duh. Get two different colours… Or don’t your choice….

First off draft your self a lil pattern like this.


Then obviously cut them out … That is cut everything but the feet out. We don’t want to lose those.


Get your fabric, in my case I’m using some of this. Fleece and/or felt <>


I decided to make him black and white.
Black for the top. White for the belly. Still don’t cut the feet they come later!


Sew your rectangles in to tubes long ways . All of them. Every single one.


If you want to leave the legs without stuffing and they will be all dangly ,if you want them to be stuffed go ahead, I’ll be showing both in a minute.

This is to make the leg bend in the back ones after they have been stuffed, it can also be done to the front ones too. REMEMBER TO PULL IT TIGHT TO HID THE STITCHES IF YOU DONT USE THE SAME COLOUR OR USE THE SAME COLOUR ((mines white so you guys can see it))
Look they bend~ ((you could use pipe cleaners aswell if you wanted~ ))


Sorry guys that’s it for now. Part two will be up tomorrow if you can figure out the rest without my help, I wish you luck~ 🙂 for those who don’t have a clue where this is going , stay tuned~



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