Jadesprite- Awkwardly makes a dress without a pattern ((not the one in the previous post))

Soo… I have been waiting a while to do this and well it’s not really a dress., actually it’s not really finished yet…


Welp… Initially I had these as my designs

As you can see they are nothing alike the top picture … I didn’t have the right material so yeah, I decided to wing it…. After I put it all together I drew this.

20130723-213147.jpg yeeeaaaah….
And those are shorts underneith.

Anywayyyyy! I’m gonna show ya how to make this one!


Yup yup yup.

Starting now

1- the top part I can’t give any thing about cause its like stretchy material that I got ages ago and I had already made it for my 2p!fem!prussia cosplay

20130723-215504.jpg see this cosplay right there , yah.
To make it I basically wrapped the material around me and made it a comfortable tightness then put a mark where it met and then took it off and pinned it down . Lastly just sew it up so it’s like a tube-top.

2- and the skirt part…

Mini man out you come!
Okay so basically were gonna have to get your material and go

20130723-221132.jpg and wrap round your waist / part where the top of the skirt would be and make the pleats as you go along… Not the best way but it means you know it’ll work kinda…

And then in the end it’s all like a top and the skirt part then you sew them together and if you know you won’t get into it take the top and add a zip in the seam at the back and extend it to the back of the skirt…


….yay, bad tutorial on making this without a pattern or something…. No idea!



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