Momo hinamori hair bun tutorial

Okay so… I’m just putting this up because me and a friend were wondering how to do it so I was thinking about how this would work and I came up with something usable.

You’ll need some white cloth , aload of bobbles , hair pins and apeice of rope or shoelace that’s black…

You’ll also nee don of those donut ring bobbles but I didn’t have on so I Done this.

—– take a sock and cut open the toes seam then roll it all into a ring like so~




Then put your hair in a high pony tail ,leaving the front down like she does. And then put on the ring and ad another bobble so your hair goes around it to look like a bun. Use the bobble pins to clip in any lose strands.

Next comes the fabric circlet thing~

20130724-205917.jpg fold a squere of fabric large enough to cover your bun in to a triangle. And then

20130724-210135.jpg cut little cloud bits out of the edge sand it will look like that once unfolded

Next put it over the bun ,add another bobble to keep it in place and tie it with your chord,ribbon ect.


Your will end up better than mine ,I can’t do high pony tails well and I also haven’t got long enough hair to do this correctly with.


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