WIP corporal rivaille Levi cosplay


This is what I have so far.
The jacket without its pockets and symbols and half of my 3dManauvreGear harness.

This is the 3dMG actually on , so far.



All I have left to do now is the two leg parts of the harness, pockets ,5 logo/symbols(one small 2medium and 2large) , and maybe if I can be bothered ill actually do the weaponry part of the 3dMG.

I have also finished testing my makeup out.
This is the character I’m being –

20130731-175439.jpg look a all dem faces! Mmmmm!
And this is my make up attempt-

20130731-175518.jpg yup yup

I also have the white trousers if you can see them up there on the blue and white top striped picture…. And the neck scarf tie thing and shirt will just be a normal shirt and the neck tie thing from my holly Roman Empire cosplay.

I will be borrowing some boots from my cousin so I won’t have to but any new ones or make boot covers ,ehehe.

And that’s pretty much it ^w^


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