I’ve been dead on here for ages… Woah..

I’ve gotten back into a couple of things and found some others~ heads up to those who even care COSPLAY INCOMING!

Okay so I may have found the game OFF and I really like this…
Zacharie you lil shit I love you so much.



YAh.. I may have done a thing.


20131212-175154.jpg do you guys see this beautiful character here. Yeah! Well if you do and you love her I just want to hug you.
And if you have no clue she’s elsa from frozen. Beautiful movie go see it.
Aaaaaaand here’s what I wanna show you.


ANNNNND things I’ve gotten back into and remembered.
You know looney tunes right? Well… I kinda…



I did a thing and regret nothing

So yeah.. That’s what I’ve been doing… There is also some more Levi and Homestuck stuff but that’ll be I’m my next post …


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