Bleach hakama pants

Okay so Bleach. Cosplay. Cosplay from bleach.
I’ve been meaning to do a cosplay from this for at least three years now and I wanted to figure out their gog damned pants but I’ve never had the patience to do so until last night at like 2am. I’m sure some details are wrong on this but if anything needs tweaking it shouldn’t be too hard for anyone to do.

My nots may be a bit difficult to follow but hey I really only made them for me so it’s not like I had anyone else in mind while doing this. Plus I don’t know if anyone’ll have difficulty reading my writing or not so in advance sorry for my poor excuse at handwriting.


Adjustments will obviously need to be made depending on the character. (Soul reaper have the triangle at the sides out of them and so does hallibel I think, the espada that wear hakama like pants mostly don’t have those …)

Ill be doing Ulquiorra so I guess I’ll be making one with a band round to be hidden under the thing that holds his zanpacto (I don’t have a clue about the technical terms for half of this stuff so yeah).

NOTES- from what I’ve seen they have about 4-5 pleats front and 2 back on each side?. But I’m rather unsure, I think they’re supposed to have 7 pleats altogether.
The board things at the top of the pants though, I’m sure the soul reapers only have a back one where as the espada have one back and front… And I’m not really sure how to try make those…

I may post up WIP pics of my own so it’s easier to follow… But if you actually get where I’m going with this, awesome.
I suppose I was trying to find a way to make them seem like the pants they wear but much easier because most tutorials I’ve found on how to make these are really had to understand in my opinion… Idk.

Anyway, have a nice day~


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