One of those odd notice things~


Okay so, a few things~

One I found my fave way of drawing characters~ see look at that lil komaeda baby and hajime too~ gah!
And secondly! I finally got round to playing dangan ronpa because of some plushes I was commissioned for~… Or at least pretend I played it by watching a walkthrough of it… Shhhhh!
Aaaaand lastly, ill be doing a lot more cosplaying and crafts as I have a list set up now! Seriously! I went over it with MaO6 and we’ve agreed on cosplays we will be doing and maybe some other things that aren’t.

Now that’s over with, I’m just gonna. Uuuuuuuuurrrrg! I can’t get my hair cut back short until after prom because I apparently have to have it long to look feminine or something however on the plus side it keeps my ears warm and I can chose however I want it done afterwards asking as its not shorter than 1 1/2 inches (wasn’t planning on that short mother, worry not your awkward patently worries~)


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