Makeup skill. I found it.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh! I didn’t show you guys my new makeup skilllzzzzzzz! !!!!ACTUALLY THIS WHOLE POST IS JUST ME LOVING MY FACE IF YOU DONT WAN TO SEE PLENTIFUL AMOUNTS OF MY FACE TURN BACK NOW!!!! For some I used some awesome tuts for zWinnieYap and KNITE on YouTube and others I figured out for my self […]

Bleach hakama pants

Okay so Bleach. Cosplay. Cosplay from bleach. I’ve been meaning to do a cosplay from this for at least three years now and I wanted to figure out their gog damned pants but I’ve never had the patience to do so until last night at like 2am. I’m sure some details are wrong on this […]

Homemade facepaint

If you cannot get anything like snazaroo or PAX did you know you can make your own facepaint?yup, you can. And it’s completely organic depending on how you make it that is. *nods* Face Paint and Halloween Makeup To avoid heavy metals and other potentially harmful unknown ingredients in traditional face paint, try making your […]