Urg. I have to finish some cosplays for onecon!

I have started nothing. And there are only 27 days left! One of my great homestuck friends is trying to convince me to be kanaya for one day And I have started on an attack on Titan cosplay for the second day aswell, I have yet to even start on the 3dMG or the weapons […]

Jadesprite- Awkwardly makes a dress without a pattern ((not the one in the previous post))

Soo… I have been waiting a while to do this and well it’s not really a dress., actually it’s not really finished yet… See… Welp… Initially I had these as my designs As you can see they are nothing alike the top picture … I didn’t have the right material so yeah, I decided to […]

Homemade facepaint

If you cannot get anything like snazaroo or PAX did you know you can make your own facepaint?yup, you can. And it’s completely organic depending on how you make it that is. *nods* Face Paint and Halloween Makeup To avoid heavy metals and other potentially harmful unknown ingredients in traditional face paint, try making your […]