Makeup skill. I found it.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh! I didn’t show you guys my new makeup skilllzzzzzzz! !!!!ACTUALLY THIS WHOLE POST IS JUST ME LOVING MY FACE IF YOU DONT WAN TO SEE PLENTIFUL AMOUNTS OF MY FACE TURN BACK NOW!!!! For some I used some awesome tuts for zWinnieYap and KNITE on YouTube and others I figured out for my self […]

WIP corporal rivaille Levi cosplay

This is what I have so far. The jacket without its pockets and symbols and half of my 3dManauvreGear harness. This is the 3dMG actually on , so far. Front- Back- All I have left to do now is the two leg parts of the harness, pockets ,5 logo/symbols(one small 2medium and 2large) , and […]

Urg. I have to finish some cosplays for onecon!

I have started nothing. And there are only 27 days left! One of my great homestuck friends is trying to convince me to be kanaya for one day And I have started on an attack on Titan cosplay for the second day aswell, I have yet to even start on the 3dMG or the weapons […]

Jadesprite- Awkwardly makes a dress without a pattern ((not the one in the previous post))

Soo… I have been waiting a while to do this and well it’s not really a dress., actually it’s not really finished yet… See… Welp… Initially I had these as my designs As you can see they are nothing alike the top picture … I didn’t have the right material so yeah, I decided to […]